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About Us

All about who we are and our trusty machines

Business leaders and professionals sitting next to mechanics, carpenters, and full-time bikers, they come together to celebrate the culture of riding, to exercise their passions. The need arises and the passion prevails for the bikers of the Moot, North of Pretoria and other area to experience the ride with fellow riders. The initiative was taken by few individuals to set the ball rolling to start and register a new club under the BMW umbrella. The first steps were taken in November 2014 on Saturday 28 February 2015 at the BMW Clubs Africa meeting the announcement was made that BMWMCC-Jacaranda was registered as an official BMW Motorcycle Club. Our first AGM was held on 6 March 2015. On a SAGM on 04 September 2015 the clubs name was changed to BMW Motorrad Club Jacaranda.
Currently we are 83 members and growing.
The BMW Motorrad Club Jacaranda is the home of young and old, men and women who shares a passion for the open road as well as the not-so open road. Al thou the BMW brand is preferred, all other types of motorcycles welcome, we will convert you! 
As a member of the Club you will have the opportunity to join us on various trips that are specifically chosen for your pleasure and safety.  
Monthly club rides - RT, SERTAO and Adventure events will takes place the Sunday after the monthly Friday night club meeting 
Get away nights - Trips that include a one night sleep over.
Weekends away - Trips in which we spend more than one night out in various accommodation types.
Special trips - Trips in which we travel long distances around our beautiful country.
Challenges - Longer trips in which you are challenged to complete a specific range of challenges in a safe and exciting way.
  You will also have the opportunity to join us on various training sessions. 
Rider proficiency training.
Motorcycle off road training.
Training such as Navigation, Medical and other training will be made available throughout the year. This training schedule will be communicated to you through Facebook and the Website.
Apart from meeting new as well as old friends on the various trips, we also have a Club evening on the first Friday evening of the month. Here we share experiences, trip reports, upcoming trips, renew friendships and make new ones
We also have the following advantages. 
Club goodies. 
Discount on selected goods at certain dealers
Our vision is "shared riding pleasure" with the mission "to foster fellowship, through the safe, supportive and responsible riding and enjoyment of BMW motorcycles, in a courteous manner"